Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Put the puppy back on the paper

In one of the productivity blogs I read regularly, I came across a great post that resonates with me, as I regularly fall off and climb back on the diet/exercise wagon.

It's about nurturing yourself, and not beating yourself up.

I’m really attracted to the idea that our minds are not others that need to be subjugated or punished for non-compliance; to see yourself as somebody who could benefit from a little stewardship and patience is really not such a terrible idea.
The good news is that, yes, I am back on the wagon -- went walking twice this week so far, and pumping iron twice a week.

In the productivity line, I've been busy, busy, busy with a project I will be announcing to my pals soon (hint: not what I've been obsessing about lately). And a certain writer I know has been cranking out pages, too. But don't tell her you read it here. No pressure, just glad she's in the groove!