Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boundless joy arising

I have to wait a few minutes before I leave for Curves this morning, as they don't open until 6:15 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My only complaint about Curves is that the hours are so limited. It's not a real gym, but a storefront pocket of a place, so typically they close at lunch time, at around 7 pm in the evening, and at noon on Saturdays.

Here are my updates so far:
I did go to Curves last Friday.

Saturday: I was somewhere where they had a few flights of stairs, rather than just one, so went up and down 4 flights 11 times (I woulda stopped at 10 but I mis-counted). That makes 44 of the condo-equivalent. And I was still not hobbling the next day.

Amazing what you can do if you go slow enough.

Sunday I walked a lot but didn't measure it.

Monday, condo stairs X 30.

Today, Curves.

My t-shirt this morning shows a beautiful fish jumping out of the ocean with the motto in the title of this post.

It helps remind me of what the hell I'm doing at this ungodly hour.

Except, when I'm feeling joyous, I tend to bound more, not less. So maybe it should be "bounding joy approaching?" Well, I guess my name would have to be Joy for that to work.

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